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CRAFTS (Configurable REST APIs For Triple Stores) is a configurable generator of REST APIs to simplify access to triple stores. CRAFTS allows knowledge engineers to configure REST APIs over multiple triple stores. Web developers can then use a CRAFTS API to read and write Linked Open Data. CRAFTS automatically handles the translation of API calls into SPARQL queries, delivering results in JSON format. The API of CRAFTS is uniform, domain-independent, and described with the OpenAPI specification.

Please cite CRAFTS as:

G. Vega-Gorgojo, "CRAFTS: Configurable REST APIs for Triple Stores," in IEEE Access, vol. 10, pp. 32426-32441, 2022, doi: 10.1109/ACCESS.2022.3160610.
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Key features


The CRAFTS API is documented here.


CRAFTS is available in a GitHub repository.

First steps

  1. Sign up in CRAFTS
  2. Check existing CRAFTS APIs (requires to sign in)
  3. Use an existing CRAFTS API to gather resources (requires to sign in)


Contact and more

This is the very first (and rough) version of CRAFTS, please treat it with care.

You can send suggestions and comments to Guillermo (the creator of CRAFTS)